Hostage – Generous EP [Origami Sound]
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Hostage – Generous EP [Origami Sound]

A few days ago Romanian label Origami Sound released Hostage‘s newest EP titled Generous, and while the Scotsman may be better known on a rave tip, he’s clearly showing diversity with this latest offering.

Over his last few releases we’ve seen him plunge deeper into the more eerie side of house music, making tracks that you can rock to, but stuff you can get lost within while on the train or sitting in your room, properly in deep thought. His take on lush, deep house is a surprising but welcome one; the tracks are groovy and possess an almost liquid quality. The four tunes contained within are of course all quality, but the stand-out moments for me definitely occur in the second track Tuning Haze with its delightfully detuned synth hook, and closer Pickle with its old-school jungle style sub bass hook and melancholy house backing. Check it out below.


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