Willow Beats: Top 5 experimental tracks
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Willow Beats: Top 5 experimental tracks

Willow Beats

Willow Beats have been busy cruising Australia wide on an headline tour in coordination with the launch of their ‘Alchemy’ EP. After recently wrapping up the tour, the duo stopped by Stoney Roads to offer their top 5 tracks they’re digging at the moment.

If you’re interested in seeing a cameo appearance of the duo in Sydney, you will be able to catch them at Mum at World Bar on Friday 28th June. Last time they were in Sydney, their show sold out so this you won’t want to miss.

Here are Willow Beats top 5 tracks! A good mix of post dubstep, ambient glitch and everything in between!

Bonobo – Emkay
Bonobo just seems to get it right every time. I don’t think he’s made a track that I dislike! He’s my go to artist for any time. His music is beautiful and enhances any experience! I think he has a very timeless sound. If you listen to early Bonobo it sounds just as current as his latest album.

Purity Ring – Ungirthed
Purity ring were the first group I herd take vocal glitching to that level. They seem to make whole tracks out of pitch shifted vocals! Ungirthed is a few years old now but still makes it onto my list. I love hearing an electronic act that brings something new to the table. Purity Ring have this spiritual element that makes them so intriguing.

Marabou State – Fixed Remix (Original By George Maple)
There is a wave of beautiful floating synths sweeping through electronic music these days but none that I have heard get it as right as this track. Listening to this song makes me feel like I’m floating through a sun set sky. The zippy synth chords are like soft clouds flying by. This song is pure bliss.

Thrupence – Folds
Thrupence is a Melbourne producer who’s sound completely blows me away. His songs are some of the most wondrous I’ve ever heard. I think the world is more beautiful with Thrupence playing in your ears and that’s why he’s one of my favourite producers.

Leaks – Pressured by a Point
Leaks is the most genuine dude and it comes through so obviously in his music. He just released his Debut De Landa EP and it’s a beautiful piece of art. It’s soft spoken, humble and intimate. I think he’s a definite name to watch.

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