Since words don’t even begin to illustrate the amount of fun (for lack of a better word) the Dim Mak crew had during their weeklong stay in Miami, we have decided to show you so you can see with your own eyes the experience sentences simply can not describe.

Part 1 features a sold out “Steve Aoki & Friends: Up All Night” party where sleep was not an option. “You need sleep? You’re in Miami Bitch”

Part 2 sees things get wet and, well, weird as Aoki hosts a highly anticipated Dim Mak Records Pool Party. Afterwards, they take the festivities out on a yacht and catch a freestyle by Will Brennan.

Part 3 brings the grand Miami “invasion” full circle back to the yacht where they are visited by a thing called the Xtreme Fly Board (think scientifically engineered mermen) where the guys soar above the water and ride a jet-ski around the bay. Alas, the real highlight of the time in Miami is undoubtedly Steve’s second weekend performance at Ultra!

#Steve Aoki