Update: Looks like the streams geo-targeted to Australia.

'Ed Rec Vol. X' is a triumphant release for a label that has guided switched-on-kids who have followed the Ed Banger journey from it's inception ten years ago!

It's been a while between drinks, 5 years to be exact, enough time for one to wonder what had happened to the entire Busy P led fraternity of French fanatics.

Our recent chat with boss man Busy P revealed his lasting love for Australia and assurance that we'll be seeing our very own Ed Rec Vol. X party downunder; "YES OZ is def part of my plan for this celebration. Our history is linked with the electronic invasion in OZ. I think we grew up at the same time."

The result, 14 brand new tracks of bleeps, beats, bass and everything in between with new originals from Mr Oizo, DSL, Cassius, recent signee Boston Bun and plenty more.

Krazy Baldhead specifically pressed that the inclusion of his track "My soul Like A Tree" on the comp was really special even if he was worried of missing the cut “i’m really happy that Pedro decided to put this track on the compilation because i’m really proud of it, but i was afraid it would be too dark. i think the title reflects a bit my personality: it has solid roots, but at the same time spreads into multiple directions. and it aims to the sky!”

Ed Rec Vol. X is out now, get it on iTunes.

Check the full tracklisting below and stream the compilation now.

Ed Rec Vol. X tracklist:

1 Mr Oizo – “Intro X”
2 Krazy Baldhead – “My Soul is Like a Tree”
3 Breakbot featuring Pacific! – “The Beach”
4 Busy P – “Still Busy”
5 Mr Flash – “Reckless”
6 Justice – “Brianvision MMXIII”
7 Cassius – “Sunchild”
8 Mr Oizo – “Secam” 9 So Me – “Typical Footprints”
10 DSL – “In Your House”
11 Mickey Moonlight – “Transition”
12 Feadz – “Coleslaw 43”
13 Boston Bun – “Grinded”
14 SebastiAn – “Moi (Demo Version)”

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