‘RequestNow’, a DJ Request App To Make Life Hell
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‘RequestNow’, a DJ Request App To Make Life Hell


RequestNow, the brainchild of two Boston Uni Grad’s is a DJ-request app that aim’s to reduce the distraction of devient types who insist you play their songs!

The app works by allowing requests to be texted directly to an allocated number, preferably to a mobile in the booth within eye sight of the DJ. The format is simple enough and shouldn’t be too hard for your average party-er, ie

  • Song Request: “play [name of song] by [name of artist]”. Ex: “play Levels by Avicii” or “play Levels”
  • Shoutout: “shoutout [your shoutout]” Ex: “shoutout Happy Birthday Emily! We love you!”

Why are the guys developing the app?

“RequestNow originated from the days when Matt DJed. As partygoers continually bombarded him with song requests, he realized that a better system could remedy the problems he and other DJs faced. A few years later, after meeting in an Intro to Computer Science class we began discussing the idea of a text-based request system. As we built the bare bones and launched a beta, we realized that what at first we thought was a simple idea had so many potential avenues of growth. We became extremely excited that our product could be used to help DJs make themselves more well-known and that better music could be played at events all around the world.”

We’d see this mor appropriate for commercial DJs or kids at parties versus serious club DJs that usually have their sets on lockdown prior to even playing.

The app will set you back $9.99 per month, with an additional premium version that allows you to message back all those that used the service, a cool ‘marketing’ ploy if you will.

It’s only currently available in the states but if it proves popular expect it to be exported to other dance hot spots around the world!


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