Peter & The Magician share ‘On My Brain’ EP Feat JD Sampson
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Peter & The Magician share ‘On My Brain’ EP Feat JD Sampson

Peter & The Magician, the dreamy collaboration between heavy disco-weights Yuksek and The Magician will release the ‘On My Brain’ EP on Yuksek’s Partyfine Label June 24th

The lead track On My Brain “…sounds like a 90’s dance tune from Chicago or New York with the Belgian touch and a classy French production.” according to one half The Magician with a feature being handed to JD Sampson of Le Tigre Fame – probably our favourite of the three.

This will be the second EP on Yukseks label, the first being the Partyfine compilation. So how did the magical pairing began?

“We met in various clubs and on festival stages before we really got to know each other at Calvi, Corsica, three years ago,” Yuksek explained, “we had dinner together and decided to meet again after summer to record Stephen’s next tracks and have him listen some tracks that would be on my second album. In the end, we begun work on one track, then two, and then the Peter & The Magician project was born!”

Yuksek will also be heading out on an Australia tour with 6 stops across the nation, full details here.

Peter & The Magician Tracklisting
1. On My Brain
2. Peter Pan ft. JD Samson
3. On My Brain (Dub Edit)

Have a listen to their exclusive mix below


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