Deadmau5 caught cheating on wife Kat Von D
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Deadmau5 caught cheating on wife Kat Von D

When the Kat is away the Mau5 will play…

It’s been busy on Twitter of late with Deadmau5 wife and tattooist Kat Von D accusing the mau5head of cheating on her (presumably); “Cheating on your loved one is the most hurtful thing one could do. I hate to have to admit, that this relationship is indeed over”

The claim seems like a strange one with Deadmau5 standing as a relatively straight figure within the dance world with his public anti-drugs stance, as well not really partying as much as say… Rusko or Skream.

Couple that with Deadmau5’s known depression and this could end badly for the global superstar.

Each of the couple has proclaimed their love for one another with Kat Von D buying her man a porche for his birthday and more recently the mau5 producing tracks for Kat.

Let’s see how this one pans out.

source: Firstintheair


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