Beautiful Swimmers Preview Debut LP
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Beautiful Swimmers Preview Debut LP

Beautiful Swimmers‘ debut album Son is set to be released July 2nd on the Washington-based Future Times imprint, and a very brief showcase of what sounds to expect from it can be heard below.

The collective is a pairing of label co-head Andrew Field-Pickering (a.k.a. Maxmillion Dunbar) and Ari Goldman, and the forthcoming double-LP will include two previously released Beautiful Swimmers tunes, Swimmers Groove and Big Coast, along with a stack of new material which—as explained in a recent interview with Resident Advisor — “[opens] up what our sound can be… There’s a lot of vibes on the album that people might not expect from us.”


A1 No!
A2 Spezi
B1 Swimmers Groove
B2 Running Over
B3 Easy On The Eyes
C1 New Balance
C2 Cool “Disco” Dan
C3 Joyride
D1 Dream Track
D2 Gettysburg
D3 Big Coast


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