Australian Promoters Offer Hilarious ‘EDM’ Travel Packages To USA
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Australian Promoters Offer Hilarious ‘EDM’ Travel Packages To USA

An Australian promoter is offering hilarious and expensive ‘EDM’ travel packages to the US.

Haven’t heard of  ‘Pilgrimage Clubbing Tours‘? That’s probably for a good reason, it’s the new idea from the ‘My Adventure Store’; a package deal travel agency who seem to be another capitalist entity riding on the coat tails of the American led ‘EDM’ explosion.

You maybe thinking, how much is this once in a life time cultural exploration through the depths of American and dance music culture going to cost? Well, for a two week package and tour of ‘the finest clubs in the USA’ your looking to blow a cool $6,600. That is some serious cheddar.

What you get in return is a quick run around the USA, starting in L.A, you’ll visit Las Vegas, New York and Miami, visiting all the famed and ‘mind-blowing’ clubs. Along the way you’ll also squeeze in a trip to Magic Mountain and get to ride around in the ‘Desert Disco Party Bus’ that’s equipped with a ‘bar, Dj and your very own dance floor injected with smoke and pulsating with strobes’ – maybe we can asphyxiate ourselves at this point?

If you weren’t sold yet, get ready for ‘Fiesta or Siesta – Shoot Big Machine Guns’ on day 5 where you can ‘Blaze machine guns that have been used in blockbuster films like Jurassic Park and Call of Duty‘; wait, what? There were machine guns in Jurassic Park? There was a blockbuster film made for Call of Duty? Ok.

It keeps continuing downhill from here with nearly everything being mind blowing or famous, you can familiarise yourself with the full itinerary here.

The idea of these curated tours always gets me in a fuss, instead of planning your own adventure your most likely going to be bundled together with a bunch of block/bleachheads who don’t really know much of the ‘club’ scene outside of the bottle service fantasy. Furthermore, it seems as though what you’re really paying for is a $6,000 ticket for inebriation to the point of brain damage and  anything but a cultural experience.

If you’re young (old) or totally in touch with ‘EDM’ (no clue) then this is probably for you.

If the LA Weekly is giving it some stick its probably not that great.


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