Alien Alien – Monday
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Alien Alien – Monday

Alien Alien is Hugo Sanchez and Rodion of Gomma and Eskimo fame, who after working together on Rodion’s For Ever EP gave life to what I think is their best project yet. You probably know them best for their queer anthem, ">Sambaca but after listening to Monday it’s safe to say they’ve got themselves a new fan.

Monday kind of grabs you by the throat from the very first second in, with a dark pulsing beat which is soon complimented by a ominous laugh. A good ominous laugh over a track is always a killer. It’s the perfect track to hear in a basement at 4am surrounded by attractive strangers – which makes sense considering I found this track in an Otologic mix.

Anyway, words are pretty pointless with a track as good as this. Scroll down further and check out the Sambaca clip for two reasons; firstly it’s a great track and secondly you probably need something nice to look at.

And here’s the Sambaca clip


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