WATCH: Keys N Krates – Treat Me Right

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WATCH: Keys N Krates – Treat Me Right

Keys N Krates

Toronto trio Keys N Krates have carved a new niche with their “Treat Me Right” video — Trap Romance! Not only is the video totally hawt, it’s amazingly clever, combining a fresh sound with images of animated vintage romance novel cover art flying around in outer space. The group is composed of a drummer, synth keyboardist, and DJ who jam live to create an electronic/hip hop/trap fusion. Their new EP Solow is being released on Dim Mak Records this year.

Directed by Ohji Inoue, the video for “Treat Me Right” combines the future and the past visually much in the same unique way Keys N Krates do in making their music. The best part has to be the shark saying “bombaclat” just before he gets torpedoed. Check out another video of them below performing the song live.


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