Stoney Charts Week 10: Blueshift’s Top 10

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Stoney Charts Week 10: Blueshift’s Top 10

Hey all, it’s time for my turn to do one of the legendary Stoney Top 10 charts, so here we go! I’ve been playing a bit of diverse stuff recently; incorporating my love of all the garage-influenced deep house, as well as keeping with my affinity for really well produced nu-disco and atmospheric tracks. With these 10 tunes, I hope you’ll discover some awesome stuff that’s making the rounds right now and pick up some slightly older stuff that fits right in with today’s jams.

1. Classixx – Jozi’s Fire

2013 is seeming to be the year for quality albums. Out of the ones thus far released, Classixx’ album is a definite work of art. Finally releasing some stuff we’ve been hearing in their sets for a while, the whole LP is just “feel good” epitomized. My favorite track that instantly stood out HAS to be Jozi’s Fire. Taking a stomping bass and clean digital synths, this track is everything I love about dance music. Certain tracks give me a feeling that’s hard to describe. Something like nostalgia, but more mystical and ancient. This is one of those gems. Perfect arrangement, energy, and production. Awesome.

2. Boris Dlugosch feat. Róisín Murphy – Look Around You

A stellar slice of energetic deep house, I’ve played this track during warm-up sets as well as later in the night. Dlugosch’s punchy bassline and warm chord stabs surround Roisin’s vocals until the break where the baseline picks up additional energy while smooth percussion keeps the track pleasantly under control.

3. Pete Oak – My Nights

Is Sasha playing this tune yet? This is tooootally a Sasha tune. Perfect for setting a chill atmosphere to begin or close out a night, or perhaps to punctuate a relatively “harder” house set.

4. Dauwd – Heat Division

Crazy crazy low end on this beast with a dream-like atmosphere. The arrangement on this is equally massive, as the track taps along and gets progressively deeper and more intense with a series of larger “stories” that make up the whole.

5. Montel – White People Can’t Dance

Classic deep house here. A heads-down dancing jam that has Eddie Murphy in it. What’s not to love?

m o n t e l – White People Can’t Dance [FREE Promo Download] by m o n t e l

6. Kry Wolf – Concrete

You’re gonna want that cowbell. A sort of blend of UK styles; Concrete takes dub bass wobbles with snappy percussion and forces you to wag your head. The Woz remix is hot as well, with a straight-up breakdancing beat.

7. Isaac Tichauer – Hypersensitive Lover

Speaking of tracks with a well-crafted low end, Isaac brings in a garage house tune with a perfectly executed call and response action that uses some deeper synths to work off the bassline while the percussion shuffles around. Deep and danceable.

8. Chrome Sparks – Luna Luxor

Lush lush lush. Chrome Sparks presents a vast, synth-filled wasteland that I never want to leave.

9. Little Boots – Broken Record (Cosmic Kids Remix)

I liked a couple of the on-release versions of this tune, but Cosmic Kids’ free download version is really special. An acid washed nu-disco version of the track, the Kids kick it up with bright chime chords and an overall “watery” production.

10. The Beat Broker – Believe It

Another really great album that just came out is the Beat Broker’s “Limited Time”. His unique style of heavily layered and warm nu-disco defines this album completely. It was really hard for me to choose which track to feature here, as I picked five of the tracks from the album to use in my sets. In the end, I went with “Believe It” as my pick, though you should definitely check out the entire album preview below.


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