Keysound Allstars Vol. 2 [Keysound]
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Keysound Allstars Vol. 2 [Keysound]


The distinctively British sound that comes out of Keysound Recordings time and time again is testament to label heads Dusk and Blackdown, who are continuously trying to push and define the dark, grimey sounds that makes their label unique. Wonderfully, they just released Keysound Allstars Vol. 2, which features four tracks from producers Etch, Walton, Visionist and Fresh Paul, all who are each trying to tie up the loose ends of dubstep, grime and UK funk.

Overall, the release is another highlight of the imprint’s pretty much flawless record; it does an excellent job of exhibiting the constant forward motion of UK electronic bass music while sounding steeped in the influence of the scene’s history.



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