It appears that Empire Of The Sun have had their first single 'Alive' remixed by the queen of EDM cheeseballs David Guetta drawing outrage from their fans.

"I dont wanna live on this planet anymore.."
"Great, David Guetta ruins another song"
"What a mess.... this is real bad crap..."
"Time to stop following Empire of the Sun...this is not what I expected."

Although we deem the track to be not too bad, we don't believe Empire Of The Sun aligning themselves with the homogeneous commercial EDM group as something that matches their creative image nor unique live performance. They aren't an act you go to watch and head bang to or have that mega "320 bangor" hands in the air moment. This remix comes across as a sell out move to reach the mainstream US market in some manner even though they already did (successfully) with a bangin' remix by German producer Zedd.

What are your thoughts on this remix? for or against?