Empire of the Sun – Alive (Remixes) [EMI]

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Empire of the Sun – Alive (Remixes) [EMI]

Off the back of an incredibly succcessful summer anthem, Empire of the Sun’s Alive has received remix treatment from some of the biggest EDM producers at the moment. With workovers by Zedd, David Guetta, Mat Zo and M4SONIC, the remix EP has just been released on EMI Records.

Personally and not surprisingly, Mat Zo’s take on the track does it for me; although Zedd’s signature sound always ticks boxes, Mat Zo has taken it to another level with his original trance-like elements. I’d be stoked with this remix if I was EOTS.

While the 21-year-old Aussie M4SONIC added more of a solid nu-disco type perspective, I really didn’t enjoy David Guetta’s remix – for me it just seemed incredibly unoriginal and synonymous with the rest of the Beatport Top 10. Gotta expect that though!



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