Dance star teams up with BitTorrent
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Dance star teams up with BitTorrent

It’s unusual for a musician of any type to team up with what is seen as one of the biggest advocates of piracy to release music but modern dance legend Kaskade and his label Ultra Music have done just that partnering with BitTorrent.

‘BitTorrent Bundles’ allow labels to release free music alongside paid content in a way to encourage fans to purchase part of the release in order to get the rest.

In the case of Kaskade it means once you’ve laid the dollars down you can exchange an email address or code to download the Dada Life remix of Dynasty, and the trailer for Freaks of Nature. As an added-added bonus there’s also 10 minutes of exclusive video from Kaskade’s show at the Staples Center and the Freaks of Nature Digital Tour Booklet.

In what is looking like a first within the EDM world it could pave the way for both building databases for the artist (in reality, you only have to do this one or twice to then direct sell) and generally ‘exciting’ the whole purchase.

Still dont get us? Watch the video below.

Source: Your EDM


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