World’s Sexiest DJ: catalyst for global movement

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World’s Sexiest DJ: catalyst for global movement

Over the last couple of days, my Stoney Roads colleagues and I have discovered that we’re not quite as on top of the electronic music scene as we’d thought. In fact we’ve managed to sleep on a whole worldwide movement.

This discovery came courtesy of an image that’s been doing the rounds on Facebook; a cropped screenshot of an email. The email was written by a young girl named Rebecca and sent to her idol DJ Juicy M, the undisputed ‘World’s Sexiest DJ’. Unbeknownst to us, Juicy M is inspiring a whole new generation of female DJs who buck all the trends, defy expectations, and are forging an exciting new path in DJ culture. Head of Rothchild are way ahead of us on this one, but it’s such a heartening shift in the scene that we felt the need to share.

World's Sexiest DJ - email

The following video demonstrates just a small portion of the incredible changes that we’ll soon be seeing in the global DJ community. For those who’ve never seen DJ Juicy M in action before, prepare to be clicking that play button countless times as you sit in stunned disbelief.


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