Soundcloud Has Found the Drop
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Soundcloud Has Found the Drop

Soundcloud 2

The world has suffered decades of mind-numbing monotony trying to skip past the crap and get straight to the drop. Finally, the good folks at Soundcloud have a solution*.

When listening to an electronic dance music record, have you ever thought to yourself “gee this white noise is really giving me a rising sense of euphoria, but gosh darn it I really would prefer to be gurning away to the heaviest most filthy drop in all eternity”? Well think no more.

Say goodbye to boring builds, intros and bridges, because now at long last, Here’s The Drop™ has brought the world a way to instantaneously isolate any drop. Just load up a track on Soundcloud, and super advanced technology will instantly point out ‘The Drop‘ to your layman’s eyes.

Here's the Drop

Naysayers will tell you that Here’s The Drop™ is “shortening the already infinitesimal attention spans of children”, and that it has been linked to “9 symptoms of gonorrhea”. We don’t need to tell you that the opinions of those people are fundamentally untrustworthy, but we do need to tell you that Soundcloud and her affiliates take no responsibility for any side-effects experienced as a result of using Here’s The Drop™.


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