eLan – Just Like Heaven (Instrumental Preview)
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eLan – Just Like Heaven (Instrumental Preview)

The Cure

Released as part of a special limited edition 12″ from Monkeytown Records in celebration of Record Store Day this weekend, eLan’s instrumental rendition of “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure is a rich and beautiful departure from the original, circa the big hair days of 1987.

I’m probably offending all you diehard Cure fans, but it’s a challenge for my 21st century trained ears to tolerate the vocal version — Robert Smith’s plaintive wails detract from the new melody’s rich synth structure (although, after a few obligatory listens I guess I can dig it). Overall, eLan offers a clever look back into the past with a fresh, inspired perspective of his own — and the instrumental version is flawless.

Check out the original music video below if you want to go full circle and revisit it in full 80s glory. Apparently Smith wrote the lyrics after a heavenly trip to the beach with the woman who would later become his wife.


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