Dirtybird Records scores Ibiza residency

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Dirtybird Records scores Ibiza residency

KUDOS to you Sankeys for locking the Dirtybird Records crew down for residency at your club in Ibiza. The franchise was most recently in the news for not letting Bieber into their Manchester club.

Claude Vonstroke is ditching the increasingly trending “EDM” habit of turning down Ibiza for Vegas and gone the opposite way snapping up Thursday Nights on the island. So what is in store for the fashionable label and it’s new partnership?

“I’ve been playing Ibiza for 8 years from DC10 to We Love Space and I am really excited to break new ground and start our own dirtybird label night at Sankeys. We have always had a very tight knit family vibe at dirtybird and this summer will continue our ethos of fun and approachable artists who love their fans. All of our line-ups are booked with artists who have appeared on the label at some point. It’s a very international bunch and I think dirtybird will be a great addition to the amazing parties coming up this summer. I am also very proud to be the only American label with their own night this season and hope that we can add some much needed diversity to the landscape. As always, the dirtybird crew brings fun above all other elements.” – Claude VonStroke

The opening nights line up is set to feature

00.00pm – 6.00
Tickets 20EUR increasing to 25EUR at the end of April
Buy tickets here


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