Daft Punk to launch album in Australia but where?
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Daft Punk to launch album in Australia but where?

Here’s your daily bit of Daft Punk news, Sony/Columbia are potentially looking to launch the album in a small country town here in Australia.

According to news.com.au the French robots new album ‘Random Access Memories’ will see its global premier in the small NSW town of Wee Waa come May 17th.

Full details are being kept under wraps but a purpose built stage will set the scene for the “weekend-long show festivities”  – go figure?

The location was purportedly inspired by “the community spirit” surrounding the recording of the hotly anticipated album. Will there be a slim chance of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter making the journey too? We sincerely hope so!

Other recent drips of Daft Punk news have pointed to features including Pharrell Williams, Todd Edwards and a raft of other guests.

More candidly we also found out that the robots use two fairly standard Behringer controllers in their live set ups, although we’d put money on it being a little different for a 13/14 world tour!

Update: confirmed for May 17th by Triple J on-air 9/4/2013, more details here.

Shire Mayor Conrad Bolton said he thought someone was “pulling his leg” when he first got the call from the French duo’s Australian record label representative.

“We thought getting senator Fiona Nash to open the show was a bit of a coup, but now our show program has been bolstered 10-fold,” added Wee Waa Show president Brett Dickinson.

While a great deal of secrecy still surrounds the details of the launch, the playback of the album is expected to happen at sunset with a series of accompanying visuals.

“We’re still pinching ourselves. We don’t know why, but why not?” Wee Waa Show president Brett Dickinson told triple j.

They just wanted somewhere that was different to what Daft Punk does. They’re known for breaking down barriers and being creative and Wee Waa is uniquely Australian so they just said lets go to Wee Waa. Amazingly our show is on at the same time [as their album release].

Daft Punk will not be performing live at the 2013 Wee Waa show.


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