Arty responds to Will.I.Am stolen track “Rebound”

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Arty responds to Will.I.Am stolen track “Rebound”

Arty has taken to Facebook to “clarify” what happened surrounding the theft of his and Mat Zo’s track “Rebound” by Will.I.Am who re-named and released on his new album it as “Let Go” also featuring a verse from Chris Brown.

It stills seems blatantly clear that Will.I.Am and his label took no measures in securing permission for use of the track. Candidly Arty’s name appears on the credits for the release, again without any communication between Anjunabeats and himself :/

Full statement below.

I want to clarify the whole situation around “Rebound” once and for all.

First, I would like to share the same sentiments as Mat and thank our fans for all the support they’ve shown. However the fact remains that Will.I.Am has used our music in his new album #willpower, specifically our track “Rebound” which was came out on Anjunabeats, with no clearance or agreement from ourselves.

Although my name was ILLEGALY putted on #willpower album credits, without my knowledge – I was never contacted or consulted by Interscope Records, and never signed any license agreements, considering the fact that “Rebound” was made in collaboration with Mat Zo, not only by me.

The matter is under review by our legal teams now and I will keep you updated.

It’s safe to say Arty and Mat Zo are likely to receive a hefty royalty cheque but with the stern statement that lawyers are reviewing things we hope Arty and Mat Zo kill will permission for Will.I.Am and Interscope to release the record resulting in a global call back.

… well we hope.


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