Watch: Skrillex and A$AP Rocky – “Wild For The Night”
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Watch: Skrillex and A$AP Rocky – “Wild For The Night”

Personally I’m not a fan of A$AP Rocky, but I do always find myself head bopping to the Skrillex remix of “Goin’ In“. Reading the Youtube comments is quite hilarious, with A$AP fans asking why the OWSLA owner is even there, unaware without him this track wouldn’t exist (not to mention Birdy Nam Nam).

The combination is still a little surprising, although Skrill and his OWSLA crew do have there mits in a bunch of electronic music across the scene.

With Skrillex’s busy schedule it’s hard to believe he had time travelled to the Dominican Republic to shoot a music video. But non the less it’s here and it isn’t a bad watch, with Skrillex and A$AP mingling with locals, jumping up and down on piles of rubble and little Caribbean club scene at the end.


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