WATCH: Deadmau5 and Imogen Heap Collaboration
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WATCH: Deadmau5 and Imogen Heap Collaboration

The intriguing team of Canadian electro-house producer Deadmau5 and English singer-songwriter Imogen Heap (also known as HEAPMAU5) have released the official film clip for their collaborative track ‘Telemiscommunications’.

The highly anticipated film clip features a culmination of separate animations that make up the whole video, creating a unique fusion of differing animation styles. A group of 20 animators- Who were the lucky winners of the global competition HEAPMAU5 organised for the ‘Telemiscommunications’ video– were chosen to have their creative skills exposed throughout the film clip. Its safe to say these animators can deliver!

Aside from the amazingly obscure film clip, the track itself is just spot on. For those who haven’t heard the track yet, the blissful vocals of Imogen Heap work beautifully with the austere electronic foundation and ponderous piano chords from Deadmau5 . Check out the video first hand below and take a trip through the ‘Telemiscommunications’.


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