Those Daft Punk posters at SXSW are probably fake, here’s why.
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Those Daft Punk posters at SXSW are probably fake, here’s why.

Although there have been a few official billboards plastered around Austin, Texas at this years SXSW music conference for Daft Punk’s forthcoming record – a few other dubious posters have started making the rounds.

The one in question (above) has additional copy citing that ‘DISCO IS ALIVE” and the tentative dates of 3.15, which when translated for the local US folk is this Friday.

At a first glance you might think this is legit, I mean, it’s got the damn Daft Punk helmets at the top and the name could suggest a new single is about to land.

When you step back though and think about it, it’s pretty shoddy stuff. Considering just how tight Thomas and Guy are around leaks since ‘Discovery’ and a rather sharp design output you wouldn’t really consider a jumble of colours and spacing would really be output from the robot ones, that or a label dealing with one of the biggest electronic releases of the year.

Add into the mix that rumours, leaks and fake tracks are almost a daily occurrence around any new Daft Punk material and you really have to take this with a pinch of salt.

At this stage we’d gauge that some local bloggers thought it’d be fun to mess with a hot bed of music journalists.

What do you think?

Update: Commenter Manalogue points out that Daft Punk or Columbia probably would have opted for full bleeds for these posters, derp.


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