Another tuesday has come! Which means it time for another Stoney Chart where us writers feature what ever has been pleasing our ears for the last couple of days, weeks, months or years. Previously we have had some killer charts from Joe, Sandro, Hi and Kish, which should definitely be checked out if you haven't done so already.

Oisima - Que Nada

Australian beats master Oisima has been pumping out some great material lately, although Que Nada is a real stand out and has been making appearances in many of my different playlists. This track has a graceful charm about it, a beautiful composition of unique, warm, light flickering sounds behind some chilled beats.

Disclosure - Flow

For just over a year now, I have been vigoursly following Disclosure and frequently listen to their back catalogue. What I love about these guys is originality in the structuring of their tracks, the synths they use, the melodies and their composition style. They have really nailed that UK house sound thats floating around these days. All though It was a tough choice, I picked Flow because it really encapsulates all things great about Disclosure. If you like this and haven't checked out their other material, go check out Tenderly, What's Inside Your Head, My Intention is War and Carnival... Then listen to everything else.

Siriusmo - High Together

If you haven't heard this producer before, this track maybe a great little introduction to a truly talented production machine. This track really brings together some of his more salient production features and further has a unique beautiful meloncholic echo to it.  If you like this track, highly recommend you grab his EP The Univited Guest, I had it in my car stereo for about 2 months and still go back to it regularly.

Jack Beats feat. MC Dynamite - What?

Jack Beats have been around for a while, but to me their older material has a bit more of an energetic grunt than their newer material. Tracks like UFO and their remix of Jack Got Jacked by AC Slater were the days! This track is no different, Its full of energy, big drops and heavy hitting bass.

Hot Since 82 - Like you

The first time heard this song I wanted to dance, however being on crowded public transport restricted me. This track has a particularly appealing dark ambiance about it, it's bass heavy and pumps through a quality set of speakers.

Dillon Francis - Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)

I am not really a fan of moombahton, however I heard this song whilst cruising through soundcloud and immediately cranked it right up. I constantly find myself going back and playing it; memorable melodies and epic crescendos with a heavy as hell drop.

Andras Fox – Your life

A while back Ubbs did a post on 10 Australian artists that aren't Flume, some of them I knew and some of them I didn’t. This was a little gem that passed on through that post.

Adana Twins - Reaction

This track is a new addition to my playlists, all though it is quickly becoming a favorite. Adana Twins have produced many great tracks over the years, and this track is a great example of their skill as producers creating catchy hooks with an awesome composition style.

Panama - Magic (Midnight Magic Remix)

This track captures a great chilled out beachy vibe that reminds me of summer, friends and partying. It’s a feel good song that has a emotive nostalgic quality to it I find very appealing. It also makes a great road trip song and is definite crowd pleaser.

Aphex Twin - Bucephalus Bouncing Ball

I thought I would finish off with a track I have been coming back to over and over again for nearly 6 years. The sounds this guy can make is phenomenal! This track really showcases Richard D. James' unique production talents. His other more mainstream material is equally as impressive such as Windowlicker and Come to Daddy, but this track takes things to another level. Not really a song I would personally drop in a club setting, but it is definitely a piece of electronic art. If you haven't heard this before, get a quality sound system, open your mind and prepare your ears.

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