Spotlight: Picnic Touring and Events

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Spotlight: Picnic Touring and Events

Kali is a Sydney based touring agent/event manager/DJ who has toured dozens of the world’s artists to Australia; From legends like Derrick May, Kink, Maurice Fulton, Gerd Janson and Greg Wilson. After very much sitting comfortably with determination in her niche touring company called Picnic, you start to get an idea of the kind of passion and effort she puts into her work to be doing what she is doing.

“I guess because we are fairly risky with music programming that’s not always as simple as it sounds. But maintaining the illusion that it is – that’s almost what we’re trying to achieve the most!”

What inspired you to start up?

A couple of things. Having to make a decision about what i wanted to do on my life and at the time and it was between music and fashion. I took a trip and got inspired, met or danced to some of my biggest favourite producers (many of who I now work it), came back, decided on music and had to give my all.

Another big thing was (because i worked in record shops for ages) I knew all the records everyone was playing – local or international DJs – and i was so over it! I wanted to take control of hearing shit I’d never heard before. That’s the kind of person I am and that’s what I hope we continue to build with people that come to Picnic.

What has been the response to your parties? (Do you have a cult following?)

It’s been pretty amazing! We’ve been going for five years – there are so many memories… WOW! Yeah we have a Picnic following for sure. And it’s an awesome group of people!! The vibe at a Picnic party is unique – it’s kinda sweet, literally – a really nice vibe! I’m really proud of that! There was time a couple of years ago when we had the deadest party ever and it was a catalyst for me to take Picnic from a party with the name of an international on artwork to a party where you and your friends were gonna be! We did some things like the One Night Stand series of locals parties and started putting on bigger events. Over time i’d say yeah we have it pretty good! Not gonna lie it’s not always perfect but you know…That’s the challenge and the learning curve!

You have two events coming up. Can you tell us a bit about them and the artists performing at them?

Yeah for sure!

Pachanga Boys, Ivan Smagghe and me at The Abercrombie, this Thursday (28th March!) Pachanga Boys are two guys (two really talented guys – Kompakt’s Superpitcher and Comeme regular Rebolledo) who have a basic philosophy of wanting to make people dance and have a good time – HELLO, great fit for Picnic! And Ivan Smagghe, who was one of the DJs i sweated really hard to at T Bar in London at the Wrong Meeting night he ran with Andrew Weatherall! He has also produced some of my favourite records over the last very long time as Black Strobe and It’s A Fine Line! It’ll be a night of warped house music, strange disco, no-decision-necessary-involuntary-body-take-over dancing music basically!!

Picnic 5th w/ Superpitcher, Ken Cloud, Andy Webb and me! Superpitcher will be stepping out on this own to help us celebrate half a decade in Sydney dancing spaces! Ken Cloud is one of the Mad Racket crew, a phenomenal DJ and best person I can think of to warm up your bodies for Superpitcher! Picnic main dude Andy Webb and myself will bookend all this perfection!

So if I wanted to have a rad time at one of these two SYDNEY events how would i get tickets?

Pachanga Boys & Ivan Smagghe

Resident Advisor: Here
Pulse Radio: Here

Picnic 5th Birthday w/ Superpitcher

Resident Advisor: Here
Pulse Radio: Here


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