RÜFÜS – Take Me

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RÜFÜS – Take Me

It gives us great pleasure in sharing with you the artistically vibrant words of the late and great Dance Legend Ajax and his most recent signing RÜFÜS and their first SWEAT IT OUT release single ‘Take Me’. Once you finish reading this article, we suggest you loosen your slacks, take off your shoes, press the play button and have a bit of a boogie no matter where you are!


12 months ago, a nameless little pimpled necked sixteen year old hipster intern at SWEAT IT OUT always went on and on about this new band/ electronic outfit RÜFÜS and how smokin joe great they were. We tried to feign interest, often questioning “oh aren’t they from France?” (due to previous releases on KITSUNE). The top brass at SWEAT didn’t being schooled by this little twerp so we put our heads in the sand about all things relating to the group. About six months ago however Sweat got busted by the government for having this nap sack with legs work for us for three corn flakes a day since he was nine and he was taken by the authorities.


Thank goodness for Work Place Affairs, cause as soon as he was placed in care, SWEAT hit the interweb and went RÜFÜS huntin. Straight up we were flabbergasted with absolute pickling gems they had released (some by themselves nonetheless)! We attempted to move in their circles at catch an eye, a handshake , anything! Like a sleazy footballer on the piss we attempted and made contact!


In a short 18 months RÜFÜS have sold out multiple tours in Australia, remixed and released originals for Kitsuné (FRA) and Plant (USA) and played sold out parties in NYC, graced by LCD Soundsystem, Holy Ghost!, Vampire Weekend, and RAC. High rotation singles, main stage festival appearances and many hours locked in their home studio/dungeon, writing their new debut album, ATLAS, (which will see a release mid 2013) is just the start of a supernova future for this trio from all parts of Sydney! These lads do it all, make their own film clips, their own art and change their own underwear. In fact they do so much that thumbs are being worn down by Sweat staff from too much twiddlin!


“Take me” is the first single of oh so many hot songs from ATLAS, the first album for RÜFÜS. Straight up this is goosebump territory, a song in a t shirt, its so effortlessly feel good in the chorus that it will make think to burn your Nick Cave records, until you land in the darker more melancholic versus and bridges and see what makes this outfit so great. Its future pop tech in sunglasses served just on sunset, out doing any genre’s its one hell of a song!


Moving into the night, leaving sunset far behind is BARESKIN (U.K) with his remix plunging you into the sea and gettin deep wid it! The 18 year old has been recently signed to HYPERCOLOUR with other projects on GET PHYSICAL , pretty amazing for someone perhaps just outta puberty! Hot Aus export Cassian (BANG GANG 12’s , MODULAR) gets on his breath-stroke and goes all epic oceans and dancefloors, doing the phrase “House Music” much favour! SWEAT IT OUT’S latest signing ADAPT OR DIE (feat members of THE SWISS and touring members for EMPIRE OF THE SUN and PNAU) get their jack on in the way only they can do it, winding pulsey deep acid bass for you to grind on. And last not but least is Sydney’s POLOGRAPHIA mellowing things out in their glitch tech/chillwave genius! its just EPIC and is more of a movie than a song!

You’re gonna dig this!


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