Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al (Flight Facilities Edit)
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Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al (Flight Facilities Edit)

Paul Simon‘s 1986 masterpiece, Graceland, remains one of the most eclectic, inventive, and genius albums I’ve ever listened to. It’s a symphony that utilizes influences from all over the world to fuse pop, rock, folk, and even Mbaqanga. I’ve listened to the album over 100 times and can still listen to it over and over again and hear new sounds and surprises. The album’s crowned jewel and one of my favorite songs of all times is unequivocally “You Can Call Me Al.”

So it makes perfect sense that arguably the most innovative production duo this side of Daft Punk–and the best edittors on this planet–would take on Paul Simon’s classic hit. Yes, Flight Facilities struck magic with an edit again, and have finally unleashed the download–from their epic 1982-1992 mixtape–to the masses. This aint no incident or accident.


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