New Avicii material receiving mixed reviews from peers
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New Avicii material receiving mixed reviews from peers

EDMster Avicii announced late last week that he would be playing new material at this years Ultra Music Festival 2013 weekend two edition and it would appear he has stirred the pot with his new sound.

The swede took the opportunity to change things up by adding a live acoustic element to his performance that was broadcast online. “I brought a 15 minute different breakdown with live musicians to a festival with nonstop dance music for 3 days straight 2 weeks in a row” – Within the time period of his live broadcast online (40 mins of his 75 min set) Avicii dropped some distinctly country influenced material.

The reactions drawn from twitter were as followed

What are the similarities and differences between avicii and al walser? Discuss. – Kill The Noise

Avicii doesn’t usually get on my radar: but i been waiting patiently for Rednexx revival: so props to the swede. – Tiga

I just listened to @Avicii’s @ultramusic Festival Main Stage set; did he jump the #EDM shark? – Tommie Sunshine

i only heard a couple of those country-sounding tracks and i really liked them! – Zedd

Hey @Dadalife – @Avicii beat us to the punch on that banjo track! – Morgan Paige

On a rant / statement in response to everyone believing the new album to be a country and western, Avicii was quick to shut those rumours down via a blog post – “I really wanted to switch things up and do something fun and different, as I always strive for, and this album is about experimentation and about showing the endless possibilities of house and electronic music”

It’s of our opinion that Avicii hasn’t drifted as far away creatively as the reaction he seems to be getting from everyone. Could this mean his supporters are too homogenous in the sound they want provided? Every producer is going to push the boundary and even if he is a little EDM weiner, he deserves a bit of cred for not sticking to the thick dutch chord euphoric formula entirely.

To catch the country fused dance track, fast forward to the 32 and 39 minute marks.


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