Flume and Skrillex in the Studio?

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Flume and Skrillex in the Studio?

Flume and Skrillex

Skrillex has posted up an image of himself and Australian beatmaker Flume in the studio on his instagram!

Captioned simply as “Studio hang with the dog @flumemusic ..OI OI OI!” it plays out a few different options – a little tongue in cheek with a classic Australian chant or you could almost see this fitting into Skrillex’s work with Boys Noize as Dog Blood with the dog reference and ‘Oi Oi Oi one of Boys Noize’s earlier albums.

The recent sound change from Skrillex towards a more UK-based Garage vein may work perfectly with Flumes characteristic warped vocals and Hip Hop tempo’s, one project we’re looking forward to hearing!

Five years ago it’d have been a strange sight seeing such collab come together but with the recent speed and interactivity online it seems like these things are happening and more often than not with producers from different genres.

Flumes global domination continues!

Update: It’s been reported just last night Flume sold out his LA show and tonight’s show at the Echoplex.


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