Deadmau5 at SXSW; “The songs sound the same, it’s cookie cutter stuff”
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Deadmau5 at SXSW; “The songs sound the same, it’s cookie cutter stuff”

Deadmau5 has spoken out about the current dance music scene at his co-panel with Richie Hawtin in Austin, Texas at the annual SXSW conference.

The always opinionated producer covered lots of topics but really struck a chord when talking about ‘EDM’ eloquently summerising the modern scene; “The songs sound the same,” calling it “cookie-cutter stuff.”

Further fuelling the fire by adding  “I’m surprised the record companies that sign these people aren’t just going home and making the music themselves.  Cut out the middleman.”

Richie also added his own 2c “There’s a manual now,” he said. “The attraction was doing something different.  I had to do my own thing.  The double-edged sword is taking a little bit of the life out of it.”

The debate is currently raging as to the homogenizing of the dance and electronic scene within the mainstray and what’s next after the US led commercialisation of ‘EDM’ – Vice have already had a poke with fingers scratching beards as to what’s going to kill to kill the house revival.

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Interestingly enough the event was at capacity proving once again the attraction to dance and electronic music is there and will continue.

At times like this we really have to ask ourselves, what’s next?


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