Daft Punk album solidifies with Sony registering new tracks!

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Daft Punk album solidifies with Sony registering new tracks!

New details have surfaced around Daft Punks forthcoming album with Sony/Columbia registering new tracks with the PPL – Phonographic Performance Limited in the UK (similar to Australia’s APRA).

Aside from it being correct procedure that Sony/Columbia are doing this right and supporting licensing their artists material it also gives us insight into the total number of tracks on the album and their lengths.

Nothing looks too out of the ordinary with a rather standard 13 tracks and 74 minute length to the record although it’s pleasing to see that there are potential anthems with tracks 3, 7 and 13 all stretching between six and a whopping nine minutes.

It was only last week we debunked those dubious Daft Punk posters that surfaced around SXSW pointing to something happening on the 15th of March so its positive to have some real news.

Update: A giant Daft Punk billboard was snapped on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood by Stoney Roads contributor Barry Poppins (in transit). It’s about to go down.



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