Swedish electro outfit Dada Life have been stopped by the border control in Sweden and had their passports confiscated not allowing them to leave the country.

The duo broke the news out of disbelief via Social Media on their way to Miami for performances at the famous Miami Music Week. The two Facebook messages they sent were:

Dada Life: "So we're back from the airport…no Miami for us. At least not today. Our passports are taken away and we still don't know why. FUCK!"

Dada Life: "So this is what we know about the crazy stuff that happened earlier today: our passports were taken by swedish border control when we were going to Miami this morning. They said something about following "standard procedure" when a Swedish citizen should be stopped from leaving the country. They have our passports now and we can't do anything! They also said swedish authorities will contact us through mail… Thanks for all your support with this…"

The question people may ask is why have they been banned from leaving the country?

We suspect maybe authority's could have accidentally taken their 'Dada Land' rally across the world a little too seriously maybe? The rally was held in the US (Washington and New York), Australia, Sweden and England which tongue in cheek promoted "human rights of freedom, fresh fruit, having fun and self-governed sovereignty infringed upon."

What other reasons may you suspect?

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