WATCH: Blue Daisy presents Dahlia Black – Fuck A Rap Song
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WATCH: Blue Daisy presents Dahlia Black – Fuck A Rap Song

This is more than just a rap song; this is that raw, black-n-blue, next level shit. Released this week on the London-based, independent record label 37 Adventures, “Fuck A Rap Song” is the work of North Londoner Blue Daisy (aka Kwesi Darko), who gained recognition early in his career through the Queen of Grime, Mary-Anne Hobbs. The rapper/producer’s newest project is Dahlia Black Gang (or simply Dahlia Black), made up of himself and long-time collaborator, Hey!Zeus (Johnny Holden), DnB Producer/DJ from Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Both the track itself and the video for “Fuck A Rap Song” express a similar ethos to “Skeng” by The Bug, Killa P and Flowdan (gettin’ evil), as well as futuristic “freak rap” group Die Antwoord’s “Fok Julle Naaiers” (watch both below and compare). 37 Adventures’ description is spot on: “The tone is pitch black, psychedelic and perverted. This indeed is the debut release on 37 Adventures.” Directed by RUFFMERCY, the video’s effects are entrancing, yet minimal, fully centered on the song’s words and fundamental message. Blue Daisy himself is lit up over the positive reception of “Fuck A Rap Song:” Hella start to 2013 after my 1st release of the year.. I feel good. 16K+ views in 2days as well. Wow!! Not stopping anytime soon. The graft continues. #HardWorkPays. Thank you. 🙂

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