Tubmlrs: Depressed Djs
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Tubmlrs: Depressed Djs

So you dropped the wrong loop last night at the gig? No reason to be so sad Djs. As producers gain legitimacy the need for creative press photos becomes bigger by the day. We have seen the full range of antics in from of the camera, Washington DC’s Head Of Rothchild site even went viral after going grillex on a CDJ. It’s no secret that sometime the serious pose looks ‘mysterious’ but cheer up guys, your a superstar DJ. Tumblr went at it again recently with a Dj’s looking depressed feed. Check out a few sad deck masters, have some pity who know what’s gotten them glum.


Disclosure – ‘Mum is going to kill me once she finds out I got booted from college’

Boddika – ‘My girl left with the opening act’

 Joy Orbison – ‘No bookings tonigh… boy I’m blue’

 Jackmaster – ‘I hate business class, why can’t I be in first’

 Ramadanman – (shortly after this photo was taken he burst into tears)

South London Ordinance –  ‘Life In The London Projects Is So Glum’

TNGHT – ‘We are so sick of hearing our tune in every single set’

Make sure to check out the full lot with more to come over on the tumblr: depresseddjs.tumblr.com



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