After the insanely crazy 1 second sell out of this years 180,000 capacity ID&T run Tomorrowland festival in Belgium, some intriguing news was released today by the festival owners.

Tomorrowland is set for expansion! The festival at the forefront of dance music intends to provide another opportunity for fans all over the world to experience the insanity of their ginormous production which includes a majorly technical stage and pyrotechnics display. So the festival will touch down in an undisclosed location on September 27th, 28th and 29th of 2013.

Where do you believe it will be? Our bet is on the world's largest EDM market being somewhere in North America. Could you imagine hauling all that gear from Belgium. What a logistical nightmare!

Update: commenter Chase Hartline believes the new location for TomorrowWorld will be Atlanta, Georgia...