Premiere: Brett – Visions (Chris Burns Remix)
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Premiere: Brett – Visions (Chris Burns Remix)

We can’t get enough of this DC-based band Brett. Their first release, Confidence X Kate Moss EP was a huge hit complete with monster remixes. With a ton of unreleased tunes and even more top-producer friends all over the US, only big things are to come from the indie-electric live show. Sporting a euphoric blend of ballad vocals, soothing synths, and crisp drums, they are great to jam and better live.

In anticipation of their upcoming release Raps Songs X Visions they have been dropping some next level previews of the included tracks. The latest remix we just received is from another DC favorite Chris Burns. Last time around Chris teamed up with legendary ‘Italian’s Do It Better’ boss Mike Simonetti to rework Brett’s debut on Kate Moss. His mix of Visions really paints a picture in our head. Think of an undersea orchestra led by poseidon himself, oh yea and don’t forget the umbrella drink because this is a full on Summer fun jam. Groovy melodies and perfectly placed snares make Vision’s Chris Burns mix just right for anytime.

The future of Brett promises massive shows, Dj sets, and super support all around. Make sure to head over to iTunes and pick up the preorder of the EP, this is not something you want to wait for. Paired with a mix from LA’s Them Jeans, this is truly a total package. Keep watch for Brett shows near you, with an amazing stage presence and dance-required tunes trust us, it’s worth it.


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