Mysterious Potato.TV hints launch on Monday
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Mysterious Potato.TV hints launch on Monday

After a few hints over the past few weeks it seems Rolling Stone’s cover DJs will be teaming up to launch ‘Potato TV‘, some sort of media epicenter. In the next week Skrillex, Diplo, and A-trak might show us something new and fun…. but nothing is confirmed. Without a mass video giant in electronic music, plenty have tried even more have failed. Ultra TV gave a gallant effort with their series launched last March. Though the production stuck out, the frequency just wasn’t there. Will this be the answer we have all been waiting for? A constant flow of material from the worlds favorite jokers would be a welcome addition to ravers Macbooks all over.

With no real concrete details out there we aren’t sure exactly what to expect come Monday. The only information we have are a few social network posts, a #hashtag, and some revealing footage of The Fat Jew. A potential lineup of programs on the channel hint lessons from A-trak, vinyl from Cosmo Baker, listening time with Mixmag’s Ralph Moore, and a few more. Not sure about you, but we are excited. Let see what happens next week.


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