Hudson Mohawke’s Annual Valentine’s Mixtape Returns

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Hudson Mohawke’s Annual Valentine’s Mixtape Returns

One day I was listening to a track that made me long for the ability to gyrate in a non-embarrassing way. I didn’t know whether it was lust or love that I felt, but finding out who produced that slice of fried gold was a much bigger priority.

Then a soft voice whispered through my headphones.

Hudson Mo…

It said.

I melted into a sloppy heap on the ground.

He’s a guy who doesn’t mind a bit of sensuality, this Hudson Mohawke fella. Apart from getting girls to whisper his name over his beats, he’s always had a bit of a soft spot for Valentine’s Day. Every year he releases a mixtape and this year doesn’t break from tradition. LuckyMe advise you to “lick your finger tips real slow and push play on this assorted box of caramels”, which certainly sounds like a good way to spend your Thursday. Let HudMo soothe your soul here.

Just to add to your probable despair on this cursed day, you should know that there are some lucky clubbers in Oslo who’ll get to experience HudMo weaving his web of inescapable love on Valentine’s night. He’ll be joined by the equally spellbinding Cashmere Cat who was recently remixed by Busy P. I can only imagine how much filthy, sweaty lurve will be made on that dance floor. Be safe Norwegian mates!

Once you’re done with the mixtape, grab the nearest human (or inanimate object if that’s your scene) and engage in freaky sexytimes with them while this track plays.

Update: The mixtape is here!


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