How to create your own sound packs and make money!
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How to create your own sound packs and make money!

Djtechtool’s Mad Zach, well-known for his unique finger-drumming style, has released a series of tutorials on how he goes about creating ‘sound-packs’, 16 pads of greatness to improvise tracks throughout your live set.

$30 gets you access to just over an hour’s worth of content, a little steep compared to the thousands of free tutorials on YouTube already, but after tossing up whether to drop the cash, I’m glad I did. The tutorials will take you through the steps to create your own sound-pack from absolute scratch, right through to mixing techniques. With any kind of midi controller you’ll be able to take these packs out live at your next gig to really gee up the crowd.

The six-chapter series is also packed with techniques to improve your producing game. You’ll learn layering, one-button melodies, dynamic percussion and how to create modifier pads. If mixing bass lines and cueing songs is getting old for you, have a peak at the little preview below.

Don’t want to spend the cash? Zach has also released a much shorter version on sampling sounds and tracks to create a quick sound-pack you can use to re- produce a tune live!


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