Ed Banger clothing label Cool Cats closes down
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Ed Banger clothing label Cool Cats closes down

Globally sought after clothing label Cool Cats, most notably designed by Ed Banger Records illustrator SoMe will say farewell!

The brand are responsible for ultra modern and trendingĀ apparelĀ evening teaming up with Lacoste in 2011 for a limited range and a more recent summer line.

Posted on the site was a sincere message saying goodbye to “customers, friends, followers, lovers, stalkers and family” outpouring that “for various reasons, we have decided that CoolCats.fr as u’ve known it, will no longer exist.”

It’s not all bad news though with the announcement that it’s successor: Club75.fr will be “improved in every possible way.”

There are no further details aside from the assurance that “it’s gonna open its doors very soon.” – which could mean anything, from So Me taking time off to hang out with his family or even a step away from the part collective with DJ Mehdi (RIP), either way we can’t wait!

Watch Busy P and So Me spin at a Cool Cats pop up shop in 2011.


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