Baauer tells fans which ‘Harlem Shake’ videos are his favorite
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Baauer tells fans which ‘Harlem Shake’ videos are his favorite

Following the burst of videos featuring his HUGE trap track “harlem shake”, Baauer gives online community Reddit a couple of hours of his time to sit down for some good-old Q&A.

Expecting not much more than generic questions that could be answered with a quick trip to google, scattered with the occasional troll, (didn’t see anything on his Beef with Azealia Banks) I dug through the 2000+ comments and hand picked a few of my fave, enjoy!

How much money have you personally made thus far off of Harlem Shake?


Harlem Shake’ was released on Mad Decent… have you gotten to work with any of the Mad Decent team, specifically Diplo? Should we be looking out for a collaboration?

We workin.

What DAW do you use to make your music?


Who is the one Dj you would go gay for?

Daft Punk.

Baauer, do you even lift?

I need a spotter.

what is your favorite Harlem Shake video?

I think the under water one is pretty great. also the T-Pain one.

If you’re interested in getting to know the man behind the nasty sub that’s been tearing through club speakers lately, you can find him answering all sorts of questions in the full thread here


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