Zuckerberg Gets Ravey
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Zuckerberg Gets Ravey

Apparently being a billionaire doesn’t cure your need for a bit of dance-floor-BPM excitement.

Based on a photo posted on Beatport’s Facebook, the FB boss himself Mark Zukerberg was partying it up (top left) with Chicago – based house producer Dj Dory. Before anyone gets cheeky, we aren’t going in 100% confirming that this is ZucksĀ or he did ‘Pop a Molly and I’m Sweatin’ but you know what they say…. pictures don’t lie.

We can only hope so see some of those advertising dollars DJs give to Facebook heading back into the scene. Maybe some Facebook sponsored events in the future would help ease the pain of forcing fan pages to use sponsored stories to reach over ten percent of their audience.

Either way, big up to Mark for ditching the bottle service and getting down.


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