Watch: Whateverest (The Story of Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse”)
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Watch: Whateverest (The Story of Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse”)

Unless you’ve been completely away from the dance music scene last year, you know of the track that was pretty much everyone’s top track last year, Todd Terje‘s “Inspector Norse.”

A couple months after it dropped on his album “It’s the Arps,” Terje released the music video. This is where the tune really took off, spreading virally across the interwebs. What you may not have heard is there’s a whoooole backstory behind the character of Inspector Norse, which happens to be the handle of one Marius Solem Johansen.

Supposedly a huge fan of Todd Terje’s tracks, Marius appears to post videos of himself dancing to Terje’s tracks on YouTube…along with videos for drug recipes. Sounds to me like a recipe for success. Take a view below and get a fully Norwegian-surreal peak into the making of the music video.

WHATEVEREST from Kristoffer Borgli on Vimeo.


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