The original filmer of the famous viral sensation and dance music legend 'Techno Viking' is being sued by the man himself who's name remains unknown (and awesome!).

Camera man and artist Matthias Fritsch stated "I am being accused for creation and publication of images connected to the Technoviking, therefore infringement of personality rights. They also say I am earning a lot of money by that. They argue that [I] gave him the name Technoviking, create 3D characters, comics and more to constantly increase the popularity in order to market Technoviking and therefore cause damage to the protagonist"

If Fritsch loses, so does the Interwebs. He'll have to try rid of any original content he created that featured the Technoviking's likeness, and he'll be barred from creating new content. It's like a mini version of SOPA between an artist and a guy who wants a piece of the money pie!

Failing to do that, Fritsch would face a €250,000 ($334,441 U.S.) fine and up to six months in jail. Fritsch said the lawsuit only includes content he allegedly posted, so no matter the result of the trial, other Technoviking remixes around the Web are safe...for now! But as they say. Nothing beats the original

Source: Dailydot