The scene was set when the Sweat It Out label roster came to compete in the inaugural Stoney Roads lane way cricket match... Prison rules!

With Yolanda Be Cool, Ajax, Wax Motif, Charlie Chux on one side, Stoney Roads called in their secret weapon Worthy for some much needed leadership from an experienced American cricket fanatic.

It was action packed with plenty of cans of VB being smashed and no real understanding of who won, but the most important thing was we only lost two tennis balls.

Yolanda Be Cool have a new album 'Ladies and Mentalmen' out now!

DJ Ajax
Charlie Chux and Wax Motif
Stoney Roads
Worthy, Chux, Ajax
Ajax, Yolanda Be Cool
Yolanda Be Cool
Yolanda Be Cool
Yolanda Be Cool
Worthy Dirtybird
DJ Ajax, Sweat It Out

Photos by Voena

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