Simian Mobile Disco to release ‘Live’ album
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Simian Mobile Disco to release ‘Live’ album

Globally championed electronic duo Simian Mobile Disco will bring their stage experience to fans in 2013 with a 15-track physical and digital release of both new and old material performed ‘live’ in Philly last December.

Classics like “Hustler” and “It’s The Beat” sit alongside newer jams “Cruel Intentions” and “Seraphim” – making this somewhat of a ‘Best Of’ all things SMD.

Testament to their overall tightness the whole thing was recorded in one concert sans edits, furthermore proving that both James Ford and Jas Shaw are the real deal within this often washy ‘EDM’ scene.

The release will drop on their own Delicacies label April 15th.

‘Live’ Tracklisting

1. your love ain’t fair/ run theme
2. a species out of control
3. unfixed
4. supermoon
5. cerulean
6. it’s the beat
7. skin cracker
8. hustler (jam)
9. aspic
10. wooden
11. seraphim
12. cruel intentions
13. interference
14. put your hands together
15. sleep deprivation

What to expect? Probably something like this.


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