Premier: NICKEL – ZYGZM (TWR72 Remix)
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Premier: NICKEL – ZYGZM (TWR72 Remix)

NICKEL is Germanys latest offering, a tough faced man championing the early 90’s techno visionaries with a stoic salute to musical freedom – “it’s untamed music for the moment.”

“ZYGM” is the equally immense debut single from the gritty producer with a skittish cast of remixes – featuring everyone from Jean Nippon to Australia’s own Jenson Interceptor.

Up for our very special premier is the junky and acidy TWR72 remix, a thumper with all the bells and whistles offering an anthemic grind for the underground!

Expect the full thing January 28th on Police Records.

1. ZYGM (Original),
2. ZYGM (Abstraxion Remix),
3. ZYGM (TWR72 Remix),
4. ZYGM (Jean Nippon Remix),
5. ZYGM (Jenson Interceptor Remix),
6. ZYGM (Remute Remix)


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