Major Lazer and Calvin Harris Serenade the X-Games
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Major Lazer and Calvin Harris Serenade the X-Games

Dance music hit the slopes on the weekend with both MAJOR LAZER and CALVIN HARRIS bringing their musical heat to the snowy town of Aspen, Colorado.

It has been a weekend of death defying stunts and jaw dropping incidents at the X-Games (standard procedure really), and who better to feed the musical need of this adrenaline hungry crowd than these guys?

In full festival style, both EDM acts killed it in the cold, and judging by the X-Games streams of both gigs, they didn’t hold back on the there impecible live performance styles due to the icy conditions.

The bounciness of the crowd definitely suggest it was something you had to be there to fully experience. Or perhaps it is because it is freezing in Aspen right now?

Nevertheless, MAJOR LAZER and CALVIN HARRIS aren’t known to disappoint!

Do yourselves a favour and check out the video streams of both shows below!



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